What is a Buyers Agent?

A Buyers Agent are property experts whose role is to help you make buying property simple and easy.  Many buyers go directly to selling agents for advice in purchasing a property, forgetting that selling agents are paid by the vendor to sell their home and may not act in the buyer’s best interest.

Buyer Agent’s are licensed professionals with a wide ranging background in real estate who represent and assist either the potential home buyer or property investor to acquire property. Buyer Advocates are solely committed to the interests of the buyer and do not represent the seller in any way.   A Buyer’s Agentse levels the playing field and helps eliminate stress and saves time when purchasing property.

what is a buyers agent

A Buyers Agent role.

The role of a Buyers Agent is to:

  • Search for properties and create a shortlife of properties for the Buyer as per the Buyer’s brief;
  • Assess the property to determine the market value;
  • Implement and execute a strategy to negotiate the purchase of the property. This could be via private sale negotiating, auction bidding or buying before auction;
  • Liaise with third parties, for example, building inspectors, solicitors, mortgage brokers;
  • Attend the pre-settlement inspection of the property purchased to ensure the property is in similar condition to when it is purchased.

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