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When investing in property, it pays to engage with an experienced investment property buyers agent. Knowing where you want to invest is your job, and understanding why you are investing is ours. Are you an active investor – looking to buy, develop and move property; or a passive investor – meaning you are building your portfolio and want to buy, set, and forget for a little while. Whatever the reason, secure your future and take the path to wealth and prosperity by buying an investment property.

Elite Buyer Agents have already built a strong reputation as investment buyer agents in Melbourne with a highly experienced team. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Buying an investment property can help you build wealth for a better future. But, when it comes to investing successfully, it’s vital to have a team of trusted property investors by your side. Our team of highly experienced buyer agents will analyse your needs, wants and financial goals as a property investor, to create a pathway for your success.

Using Super to Buy Property

You may have considered being a property investor by setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund – which can provide significant benefits (for the right person) and tax advantages and can be a smart way to diversify your retirement nest egg. We have a large network of professionals who specialise in this area so whilst we are the experts to assist in purchasing the right property for you, we can also put you in touch with professionals in this field to ensure you have the appropriate strategy in place to maximise your potential.

Foreign investors and expats

Foreign property investment can be a daunting process – relying on others to make expensive decisions on your behalf. Whether you’re a foreign property investor looking to invest in the Australian market or a local living offshore, our fully qualified property investor advice service will manage the entire process on your behalf, securely from Australia. We take the hassle out of the purchase experience; remaining in touch with you by phone and email, can arrange to sign via power of attorney, source fully vetted tenants, and even manage your property moving forward if you need. If you’re a foreign investor, or expat looking to purchase property, you’ve come to the right place.

Capital Growth Calculator for Property Investors

Property Investor Financial Returns
An investment property can be measured by two types of financial returns – capital growth (increase in property value) and rental yield (income). Capital growth is the percentage increase in the price of an asset over time; in this case, a property.

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A Buyer’s Agent (also known as a Buyer’s Advocate) is a real estate agent who works exclusively for the buyer. Just like a Selling Agent works on behalf of the seller. A buyer’s advocate can add a lot of value to a buyer by assisting in searching for suitable properties for their clients, being on market and off market, inspecting properties on their client’s behalf, assessing and evaluating properties and negotiating the purchase of the property. Negotiating includes expressions of interest, private sales, off market, bidding at auctions and negotiating passed-in properties.

A Buyer’s Agent can assist in many aspects of buying a property.

  • If you are time poor, a buyer’s agent can save you time by searching and inspecting properties on your behalf;
  • Assist in setting your search criteria;
  • Shortlisting properties that match your search criteria;
  • Find more properties that you can yourself by accessing off market properties. Most buyer’s agents have strong and long lasting networks to allow them to find more properties that you could readily do yourself;
  • Assess the value of the property knowing to ignore the agent’s price that they are quoting as this has no relevance to what the property is worth;
  • Liaise with third party professionals to conduct the due-diligence of the selected property;
  • Deal with selling agents on your behalf;-Negotiate the property on your behalf which can include bidding at auction which many buyers find extremely nerve-wracking;

Fees vary according to the service required and can be either a fixed or percentage based fee. The fee typically varies from 1.1% to 2.2% including GST with part of that fee paid upfront as an engagement fee and the remainder paid 14 days after a contract of sale is signed for the purchase of the property.

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