How to prepare your home for auction:

As daunting as it may be, preparing for auction can be a simple process, as long as you are prepared!

It is best to plan well in advance so you can put steps in place that you can action accordingly as the day approaches. For example, to plan for a Spring auction start clearing your home of clutter and rubbish in Winter. Arrange to have touch up painting done where required, plumbing leaks attended to, garden cleared and cut back and gutters cleaned out. Arrange to put excess furniture, toys, bikes and other items in storage so the home does not look cluttered and messy.

As you draw closer to the auction campaign arrange to have windows washed – inside and out, dust curtains and blinds, shampoo carpets and even polish floor boards where possible. Make sure also you have planted some colourful perennials in time for Spring to brighten up the garden!

Lastly, talk with your agent about open for inspection times. Make sure that they are times of the day that best show off your property and attributes. Night-time inspections are best left alone as the buyers won’t be able to see the natural light of your home or the sunny aspects that you may have come to enjoy!