Glenferrie Road Hawthorn Looking Up To Kew

HAWTHORN – is definitely a suburb on the rise with over 20,000 people residing here plus it is conveniently located only 6 kilometres east of Melbourne CBD.

Hawthorn is home to some of the most beautiful homes, but our feature property for the week is the well-known Grace Park Estate which was later developed into small allotments and what remains today are historical homes and the iconic Grace Park where many can stroll through or sit back and relax amongst freshly cut grass and shade provided by luscious trees.

Hawthorn has it all including Grace Park, specialty shops in buzzing streets to supermarkets and a renowned University combined with easily accessible transport via the roads, trains or trams make this the perfect place to live in or invest!

Glenferrie_road_hawthorn_from_kew Hawthorn Campus.jpg-687x302  Glenferrie_road_hawthornhawthorn-town-hall-1114579485