Selling your house can be a tricky thing. You don’t want to end up doing a deal that makes you feel like you didn’t get enough return, nor do you want to scare buyers by a price too high. Here are four things that will help you get you the best deal for your house.

  1. Expensive refurbishments might not necessarily increase your selling price

If you are planning on doing any expensive changes to your house before selling it off – hold your horses! You should first do a thorough analysis on the neighborhood. Even if you have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, it would not mean that you can get a higher price for your house. Your price also depends on the prices of neighbouring houses. Therefore, only make changes that are fitting to the market rate.

  1. Marketing is key to getting the best deal

Putting up a “For Sale” sign on your yard and a photo you took through the phone up on the internet, doesn’t guarantee success. Getting the highest price for your house needs an extra effort to make your material look good. Therefore, get a professional photographer to get a picture of the house when the grass is green and the sun is out, and find the right price two months before you are planning on putting it up for sale.

  1. Fix things that are broken

The last thing you want is for buyers to walk into your house and notice stuff that needs repairing. The question running through their minds will be – how well have you maintained what’s not visible? If there are any obvious repairs that are necessary, attend to them first and make sure the place looks perfect for someone to move in right then and there.

  1. Don’t let emotional attachments get in the way

Selling a house can be an emotional experience for some – mainly because many people shed blood sweat and tears to get it to exactly how they want it to be. But if you have unique decorations added, or anything that gets in the way of making a buyer feel neutral about the house, you could lose a good sale. You need to make the house feel like a place that anyone could instantly move into. Have a friend or a realtor take a look at your house and give you feedback on what needs to be changed so that you will attract the attention of a wide range of customers.